Honoring All Learners


Schoolday:  8:00 am - 2:38 pm

Office hours: 7:30 am - 3:30 pm


Staff Directory

Staff Name Position E-Mail
Adams, Allison Music Teacher aadams@psdschools.org
Albertson, Emily Fifth Grade Teacher ealbertson@psdschools.org
Alfonso, Ann Principal aalfonso@psdschools.org
Beaven, Julie Second Grade Teacher jbeaven@psdschools.org
Berg, Tracy Third Grade Teacher tracyb@psdschools.org
Berger, Jenna Second Grade Teacher jberger@psdschools.org
Boese, Elizabeth Speech-language Specialist eboese@psdschools.org
Bradley, Alexa Integrated Services ajordan@psdschools.org
Brecheen, Kristin Counselor kbrecheen@psdschools.org
Busselman, Jennifer Kindergarten Teacher jbusselm@psdschools.org
Carlucci, Ashley First Grade Teacher acarlucci@psdschools.org
Cicione, Liz 5th Grade Teacher lcicione@psdschools.org
Cody, Jessica Health Technician jcody@psdschools.org
Crawford, Rachel Interventionist rcrawford@psdschools.org
Delaney, Kayla Integrated Services kdelaney@psdschools.org
Drage, Jamie Fifth Grade Teacher jdrage@psdschools.org
Eddy, Christina Kindergarten Teacher ceddy@psdschools.org
Fausto, Kim Kitchen Manager kfausto@psdschools.org
Galvez, Denise School Secretary dgalvez@psdschools.org
Gasser, Heather Office Manager lgasser@psdschools.org
Glessner, Susan In Building Substitute Teacher sglessner@psdschools.org
Goodale, Lexis Occupational Therapist lgoodale@psdschools.org
Gunstream, Stacy Technology Teacher stacyg@psdschools.org
Hampton, Amy Media Technology Assistant ahampton@psdschools.org
Haselby, Michelle Second Grade Teacher mhaselby@psdschools.org
Hause, Monet First Grade Teacher mhause@psdschools.org
Hewitt, Carlotta Interventionist chewitt@psdschools.org
Hoffman, Emma Integrated Services ehoffman@psdschools.org
Jones, Luke Assistant Principal lukej@psdschools.org
Kalvels, Julie Kindergarten Teacher jumoore@psdschools.org
Knudsen, Michelle Paraprofessional mknudsen@psdschools.org
Lang, Melissa Physical Education Teacher mlang@psdschools.org
Lowery, Debbie Integrated Services Paraprofessional dlowery@psdschools.org
Mania, Carrie Paraprofessional cmania@psdschools.org
Matlock, Laura Paraprofessional lmatlock@psdschools.org
McClure, Renee GT & ELL Teacher reneem@psdschools.org
McPhail, Christie Counselor cmcphail@psdschools.org
Melaragno, Jennifer Integrated Services Paraprofessional jmelarag@psdschools.org
Mocke, Amy Fourth Grade Teacher amocke@psdschools.org
Owens, Jake Fourth Grade Teacher jgothowens@psdschools.org
Pegg, Lauren Interventionist lpegg@psdschools.org
Perez, Ashley Interventionist asperez@psdschools.org
Richardson, Lydia Art Teacher lrichard@psdschools.org
Ricks, Alison First Grade Teacher aricks@psdschools.org
Samples, Kathleen Fourth Grade Teacher kathleens@psdschools.org
Smith, Virginia Mental Health Specialist vsmith@psdschools.org
Stele, Joseph Head Custodian jstele@psdschools.org
Tarr, Brad Fourth Grade Teacher btarr@psdschools.org
Thomason, Jenni School Psychologist jthomaso@psdschools.org
Thompson, Jamie Paraprofessional jthompso@psdschools.org
Utesch, Jordyn Third Grade Teacher jutesch@psdschools.org
Voelker, Kim Third Grade Teacher kvoelker@psdschools.org
Wedemeyer, Alexandra Third Grade Teacher awedemey@psdschools.org
Weisenbach, Margaret Second Grade Teacher margaretw@psdschools.org
Williamson, Kimberly School Nurse kwilliamson@psdschools.org
Wilson, Kirsten Fourth Grade Teacher kirstenw@psdschools.org
PSD does not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, veteran status, age or disability in access or admission to, or treatment or employment in, its programs or activities. A lack of English speaking skills will not be a barrier to admission or participation.