Bethke Elementary School

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5100 School House Drive Timnath CO 80547
School Hours:8:45am-3:28pm
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Ms. Kirsten Wilson

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About Me
I am very passionate about helping my students achieve learning goals while having fun in the classroom. For many years, I dreamed of becoming a teacher. A few years ago, I decided to go after what I wanted and began working toward my second career as an elementary teacher. I enrolled in the teacher licensure program at the University of Northern Colorado, got my teaching license and Masters degree, and have been teaching in PSD ever since. Prior to becoming a teacher, I worked in the national news and public relations industries and focused primarily on writing, media relations and public speaking. My former professional background in public relations provided me with rich “teaching” experiences. I taught the media and the public about my clients’ products, services and companies. Most importantly, I taught my clients the importance of philanthropy, giving and grassroots efforts. I am so thrilled to be working in my “dream career” of teaching. It is a happy time in my life!
My Classroom
About My Classroom: 

As a teacher, I feel one of my most important jobs is to help my students to make good decisions, learn how to problem solve and be good, kind people who are passionate about learning and driven to better themselves in all areas of their lives.

I believe that fostering a positive classroom community is a great way to help students to grow personally and academically. "Getting small” in a learning atmosphere is essential to increasing student learning. An environment of an intimate and comfortable community is beneficial to students at the elementary level . Instead of being a small fish in a huge sea of lost creatures, a student can feel more like a big fish in a small pond if the community feels safe and close knit.  In our classroom community, the feeling is that it is safe to speak out, collaborate, share, learn, grow and even be wrong during the process of learning. I am very enthusiastic about helping my students do their "career-best" educational work in this environment.