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KBOB Studios

Click here to watch past KBOB Morning News broadcasts.

Welcome to KBOB Studios here at Bethke Elementary School. KBOB Studios make 100% student-produced work that is mentored by Mr. Mac. KBOB Studios are open to 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students. See below for frequently asked questions about KBOB.

KBOB Studios is broken down in to a number of different smaller studios:

KBOB TV is our daily morning newscast that is uploaded to iTunes every day as a free podcast. We have over 8,000 subscribers from all over the world which makes us the world's number one elementary school podcast with more episodes and subscribers than any other elementary school in the world! Assigned students meet every morning in the podcasting studio at 8:25 AM.  Click here to listen to our podcasts on our iTunes.

KBOB News is our newest addition to our studios. KBOB news featured student reporters that write and take photos of the things that happen at Bethke and then post them on our school's blog. Assigned students meet every Friday morning at 8:00 AM to have a staff meeting and go over assignments. Click here to read the school's blog.

KBOB Movies is our movie studio that features real movies made by kids. Each movie is between 5 and 10 minutes and features the students of the movie making club. Our movies have been viewed over 55,000 times. Click here to watch our movies.

Frequently Asked Questions about KBOB Studios
What about chorus? Can my child do the morning show?
Yes. Your child just needs to tell Mrs. Adams that they are on the KBOB Morning News show and she will dismiss them at 8:25 AM.

My child takes the bus, can they still do the morning show?
Yes. Just have them get to the studio as quickly as they can when they get to Bethke.